I’d like for us to exchange perspectives

Blogs are more of a one-to-many medium. I sit here by myself typing thoughts into a laptop that recreates those thoughts on a server in some lovely data center somewhere. You, who I appreciate very much and would like to get to know to some extent or another (if we aren’t already acquainted), are perceiving…

Bayesian basics with doodles!

Recently, I volunteered to teach my research team at work about Bayesian basics. I had just started reading a book on it called Bayesian Statistics The Fun Way by Bill Kurt and I like to take notes using doodles, so I decided it would be fun to try to explain some fundamental concepts using doodles.…

Bureaucracy as dehumanization (first draft)

Bureaucracy can move people towards efficiency and away from the characteristics that have made us such a successful species such as compassion and kindness and care for others. Let’s reassert our humanity and exert humane influence over our systems and technologies rather than have them exert their influences on our humanity.

неэтичным расширением масштабов

Кейтлин Оуверсон (моя подруга и бывшая студентка) пригласила меня поговорить с ней на тему того, что она называет «неэтичным расширением масштабов», а именно тенденции некоторых технологических компаний собирать личные данные, выходящие далеко за рамки того, что они на самом деле используют. чтобы создать личный опыт работы со своим продуктом. Вот история, которую я расскажу в…

“Unethical Scope Creep”

Kaitlyn Ouverson (a friend and former student of mine) invited me to do a talk with her on the subject of what she calls ‘unethical scope creep,’ which is that tendency some tech companies have to collect personal data far beyond what is actually used to create a personal experience with their product. The idea…

Polarity of technology

Technologies can reflect the best of humanity or the worst. It embodies the union of different concepts and ideas, but can also limit thinking and narrow minds.

A cycle of algorithmic living

Technology makes it easier to create digital stuff and post it on the internet, which means there’s more stuff available, which makes it harder to decide which stuff to engage with, which motivates the creation of algorithms to filter stuff, which creates rules that can be gamed, which leads to all sorts of unintended consequences.

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