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Current resume (Jan 2023)

Choose your own adventure (Google slides) resume

I have been doing and/or teaching research since I was an undergraduate at Brandeis University

List of projects (not including thesis or dissertation work):

  • Translation project (Russian to English)
    • Collected data from interviews with students
    • Assisted principle investigator in developing insights into how heritage Russian speakers make polite requests
  • Linguistics project (Russian/English)
    • Transcribed interviews
    • Tagged transcriptions with parts of speech for content analysis
  • Learning and memory laboratory (Brandeis University)
    • Prepared protocol for study of older-adult language processing
    • Conducted audiometric testing
    • Received a grant to conduct my own research on the relationship between bilingualism and task-switching ability
  • Electroencephalography laboratory (Iowa State University)
    • Designed experiments to test decision-making during random rewards task
    • Trained undergraduate research assistants to prepare participants for EEG studies
    • Cleaned and analyzed EEG data
    • Discovered insights into decision-making process via event-related potentials
  • Army Research Laboratory contract (via Iowa State University)
    • Designed and lead research study as part of development cycle of an intelligent tutoring system to train teams
    • Worked with interdisciplinary team to determine relevant research questions
    • Provided team with insights into user experience
    • Coordinated and ran complex experiment to collect data:
      • Eye-tracking
      • Electrodermal activity
      • Survey data
      • NASA TLX (task load index)
      • Semi-structured interviews
  • Usability/accessibility study on voting machines (Iowa State University)
    • Assisted in development of protocol to test usability and accessibility of voting machines to meet accessibility requirements
    • Conducted contextual inquiries to gain insights on how people with different disabilities (visual + motor) complete the voting process
    • Used thematic analysis to summarize feedback from participants
  • Postdoctoral work on undergraduate research (for Iowa State University)
    • Worked with stakeholders to determine research needs related to undergraduate (customer) and faculty (employee) experiences with research at Iowa State
    • Employed the following methods to gather data:
      • Semi-structured interviews
      • Content analysis of existing data sources
      • Survey
        • Quantitative
        • Qualitative
    • Presented research insights to task-force
    • Assisted in evidence-based planning for future product development (ISU is a business that sells education)
  • Development and instruction of two courses on research methods
    • Target audience:
      • Graduate students interested in academic research
      • Graduate students working in the tech industry (interested in UX research)
    • Mentored 10+ groups through theoretical or applied research projects
    • Mentored 20 individual students through 1-2 month long qualitative research projects
    • Gathered insights from existing sources (textbooks, articles, corporate websites, etc.) to tailor materials for BOTH academic and industry audiences
  • UX Research work (will provide company name if asked)
    • Developed a protocol for growth product team to engage with UX researcher
    • Organized and synthesized existing data from previous UX research by product managers, existing internal quantitative data, and existing external qualitative data to discover issue likely related to major problem facing the company
      • Developed strategy to explore the issue further and plan for solving it
  • For All Tech is Human
    • Distilled qualitative themes from Responsible Tech Guide and created data-based doodles to promote engagement
    • Organized data from survey and provided evidence-based suggestions for mentorship program
    • Collaborated on resource guide for books relevant to responsible technology
  • For Microsoft
    • Developed and ran two unmoderated studies (qualitative + mixed methods) to gain insights into responsible product development
    • Co-moderated focus group sessions with members of an underrepresented community
    • Synthesized and triangulated insights from 3 research studies to make data-driven recommendations for product development and framing


Resume (July 2022)

Overview of Portfolio

Overview of my portfolio

About me

About me

Overview of Project I: Undergrad Research Center

Overview of Project I: Undergraduate Research Center

Sea of Environmental Scan

Sea of Environmental Scan
Data presented from survey of undergraduate students – shows how many students are engaged in research, how many students are interested, how engaged students discovered their opportunities, and what barriers prevent those who are interested and not interested from engaging in research.
Data from conversations with faculty + qualitative analysis of survey data. Presented as themes that address desired systemic changes, student-facing changes, and faculty-facing changes

Shore of Synthesized Research

Shore of Synthesized Research
Result of competitive analysis examining other institutions that offer a service my institution was not yet offering
The straightforward user experience demonstrated by competitor websites speaks directly to the barriers mentioned by our customers/users

Peaks of Stakeholder Persuasion

Peaks of Stakeholder Persuasion
Model for development of virtual + in person research center according to competitor analysis + generative research

Lake of Laying out Plans and Timeline

Lake of Laying out Plan and Timeline
Plan for addressing needs identified through research

Overview of Project II: Intelligent Team Tutoring System for Army Research Laboratory

Overview of Project II: Intelligent Team Tutoring System for Army Research Lab

Forest of Study Design

Forest of Study Design

Swamp of Eye-tracking

Swamp of Eye-tracking

Cave of Feedback

Cave of Feedback
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